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5 tips to guarantee success at ACOM

In this Video Jon Dainton a recent graduate, talks about the 5 things that he learnt while studying at ACOM to ensure success in his studies. 




Appeal Assessment Form

Please download the following form and submit it via email to

Assessment Resources

Each resource listed is linked. Click on the link to download.

COVERSHEET: should be used as the first page of all of your written assessments.

TASK WORDS: A list of tasks words and their meanings, to help understand your assignment question. Can be printed and used as a reference.

MARKING GUIDE: should be used as a framework for your assessments. See the document "Understanding the ACOM Marking Guide" (within the Marking Guide link) for an explanation of how the guide works.

REFERENCING GUIDE: A detailed guide on how to reference in the style of Turabian. A quick guide at the end can be printed and used as a reference.

ASSIGNMENT WRITING CHECKLIST: A checklist designed to help you adhere to academic and formatting guidelines.

Assignment Writing Checklist

Download the file below.

Audio Options in Zoom

If you would like the option of joining a Zoom session by phoning in (Audio only) then please contact for the telephone number and Meeting ID. Note that joining via this method will incur the cost of a phone call to the Sydney area (area code 02).


Cohort Student Placement Supervision Resource

Click below to download the resource.

Collaborate Staff Resource

All you need to know about Participating and Moderating Collaborate; setup, troubleshooting and etiquette.

Collaborate Student Resource

All you need to know about Collaborate; setup, troubleshooting and etiquette.


Download the resource below.

(Please note: .docx files are incompatible with versions of Microsoft Word prior to 2007.)


EBSCOhost Databases User Guide

Click below to access the User Guide for using EBSCO Databases:

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