Assessment Resources

Each resource listed is linked. Click on the link to download.

COVERSHEET: should be used as the first page of all of your written assessments.

TASK WORDS: A list of tasks words and their meanings, to help understand your assignment question. Can be printed and used as a reference.

MARKING GUIDE: should be used as a framework for your assessments. See the document "Understanding the ACOM Marking Guide" (within the Marking Guide link) for an explanation of how the guide works.

REFERENCING GUIDE: A detailed guide on how to reference in the style of Turabian. A quick guide at the end can be printed and used as a reference.

GUIDE TO ACADEMIC WRITING: A guide to be used in conjuction with the checklist below.

ASSIGNMENT WRITING CHECKLIST: A checklist designed to help you adhere to academic and formatting guidelines.

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