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Welcome to Research

Take a few minutes to listen to Darren Cronshaw, our Head of Research, talk to you about research with ACOM.

Please note: word counts are subject to change from what is mentioned in the video below. Please check the ACOM Higher Education Handbook for up to date information.


Welcome to Spiritual Formation

 Watch this short video for a welcome to the Spiritual Formation Program


What are the basics of marking assessments

Please note that at the end of the final marking period (two weeks after the end of the Trimester) ACOM will export grades from Moodle. You can assist us in this process by ensuring that your gradebook is complete. This means that all submissions have been graded1 and when looking at the gradebook:

  • All assignment type assessments2 have a grade included
  • All forum3 totals have a grade included (meaning the student has contributed to, and been graded for, at least one forum)
  • All quiz totals have a grade included (please contact if this is not the case)
  • Any students who are grouped to "External" have an unsatisfactory/satisfactory grade entered for their Integrative Learning Activities (see "How do I grade Integrated Learning Activities?" for details)

1] Note that according to our Student Handbook (see section "Late Submission Policy"), any assignments submitted past 10 days after the due date will be accepted for purposes of meeting the requirement for submission, but will receive a zero mark and will NOT be annotated by the marker.
2] These are as opposed to quiz or forum type assessments.
3] For details on marking forums watch our tutorial How do I grade forums?

Time  Topic
00:15  Notifications
01:00  Option 1 - Shortcut to the Assignment Grader
01:35  Option 2 - The Grading Table
02:24  Download all submissions
03:00  Marking via mobile devices
03:09  Marking via the Moodlerooms Grader (and Groups)
03:58  Fail grades and resubmissions
   (please ensure you are familiar with our Resubmission policy in our Student Handbook)
04:28  Viewing the first attempt in the assignment grader
   (see also "How do I view the first attempt after a student has failed an assignment?" for written instructions)
04:43  Fail grades in the Moodlerooms Grader

What are the various types of ACOM Research Units

There are various types of research that are available to our undergraduate and postgraduate students. The following video will outline the various types of research available to our students.



What is Grammarly

Grammarly is the world’s leading automated proofreader. It checks for more than 250 types of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, enhances vocabulary usage, and suggests citations.

For more information, see the FAQ section of the Grammarly site:

What web browser should I use

The highest recommended web browsers for Moodle are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. This software is free to download from the following sites.



The latest versions of Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer are also compatible. 

Where are the unit registration, unit change, withdrawal and extension request forms

You'll find the online forms in the blue menu at the top of the page under "Forms". If the blue menu does not appear at the top of the page, scroll right down to the bottom to the grey footer instead.

Where can I find the assessment coversheet

The assessment cover sheet can be found in the blue menu at the top of the page under "Resources", or in any of your units, underneath the "Assessments" banner.

It should look something like this:

Click on the link "Assessment Resources" and a pop-up will appear where you can download the files.

Which library database should I choose

While each of our databases contains a range of sources available for your studies, some may be more relevant to you than others. Here's a brief guide of what each library contains and which disciplines they may be most useful for.

ProQuest Religion eBook Collection
This database contains in excess of 16000 ebooks related to Bible, Theology and Ministry. 

ProQuest Psychology and Religion 


This database contains specific full-text information for health and social care professionals. This is provided to assist students in their Pastoral and Counselling studies.


This database contains over 200 journals (many of which are different to the EBSCO database) and can be searched for journal articles relevant to Bible, Theology and Pastoral subjects.

EBSCO: Religion and Philosophy
This database contains over 200 journals which can be searched for articles relevant to Bible, Theology and Pastoral subjects. 

20th Century Religious Thought: Christianity
This database contains key works from several 20th Century theologians. Many of these works have been pivotal in forming the landscape of contemporary theology. Over 150,000 pages of material is collated here. 

Who do I contact

If I'm having difficulty with my studies?

If you're having trouble with understanding a unit, you can contact your Academic Coordinator for help. You'll find their contact listed at the bottom of your unit page. You can also find your marker's contact at the bottom of the unit page if you have questions about assessment items. Have a look at our tutorial "How do I message another user?" for further instructions.

If you're having trouble with your studies, in general, please contact: 

If you don't know who that is, you can email and we can connect you.

If I'm having difficulty using the Moodle site?

If you have trouble using Moodle please feel free to contact us at OR 1800 672 692 OR (02) 8573 6006.

If you have any other general enquiries please send them through to

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