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Learning Cohort

What is a Learning Cohort?

A Learning Cohort is a group of students who are participating in a program designed in partnership with ACOM. They are distinct from direct students and internal cohorts.

Examples of a Learning Cohort include the Freshhope Navigate program as well as CRC College of Ministry.

Learning Cohorts do not include the following, internal, ACOM cohorts:

The Formation Experience
Freshhope Spiritual Mentoring
Professional Mentoring
Leading the Multi-Staff Church
Community Sector Management

If you are not sure if this applies to you, please contact your SEM for advice.

Learning Cohort Covenants

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Learning Cohort Spiritual Formation Handbook (Mentors)

The Learning Cohort Spiritual Formation Handbook (Mentors) gives an overview of the expectations of the Mentor relationship.

Learning Cohort Spiritual Formation Handbooks

These handbooks give an overview of the unit and the expectations of the people involved.

Learning Cohort Trainer Moodle Orientation Resource

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Learning Cohort Trainer Moodle Reports

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