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New Student Key Dates

Download the file below


Opening Slide

Share this powerpoint file as Students are setting up for your Collaborate session. It walks through, orientation, troubleshooting and etiquette.


Referencing Guide

Click below to download

Referencing Guide

Referencing Workshop Recording

Click the link below to download a .mov format video.



Please see below for a guide on how to perform a S.W.O.T. analysis.

Sample Essay


Sample Essays

Download the Sample Essays below.

Sample Mentoring Log

Sample Mentoring Log

Sample Poor Essay with Comments



Your Student Engagement Manager (SEM) is available to provide supportive, proactive advice, encouragement and timely reminders, and to help keep you on track with your studies. They are your point of contact to help you receive the academic and pastoral support you need throughout your course of studies.

SEM's are listed by region below. Click on the name to contact:


If you are studying with a Learning Cohort, you will need to contact your Student Support Person for assistance. 

If you are not sure whom you should contact please email and we will connect you to the right person.

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