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Learning Cohort Covenants

Download below

Learning Cohort Spiritual Formation Handbook (Mentors)

The Learning Cohort Spiritual Formation Handbook (Mentors) gives an overview of the expectations of the Mentor relationship.

Learning Cohort Spiritual Formation Handbooks

These handbooks give an overview of the unit and the expectations of the people involved.

Learning Cohort Trainer Moodle Orientation Resource

Download below

Learning Cohort Trainer Moodle Reports

Download below.


Marking Grid for Preaching Unit

Learning Cohort staff use.

Marking Guide

Mentor Covenant and Handbook

Download and print this covenant for your first mentor meeting.

Moodle Help and Resources page

The Moodle Help and Resources page is an online centre for all of our current students. You will find many resources here, including:

  • Forums to help connect you to staff and other students
  • FAQ's and Tutorials
  • Access to our Online Library
  • Software links including Accordance Bible Software, Grammarly and Zoom.

Click here to go to the Moodle Help and Resources page


"Moodlerooms" has now been superseded by "Open LMS". This means that the "Moodlerooms Grader" is now displayed as the "Open Grader" and so forth.

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