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How do I paste from the marking grid into an assignment

Done with your marking and ready to insert?

Your grid should look something like this in your excel file, with all the relevant fields filled out:

Click this yellow cell underneath the grid:

Then, go to the file you wish to insert the grid into, click where you want to insert it and then right click. You should see something like this:

Select "paste special" and you will see something like this:

You can select either "picture" or "PDF", but I find that "PDF" gives a cleaner image. Then, hit "ok" and your grid will be inserted!

How do I replace an assignment file?

If you have accidentally uploaded the wrong file to your assignment, navigate to the Assignment in Moodle and hit Edit Submission:

Then hit the file icon:

and then hit delete:

You will now be able to upload a new file. Please note that if you update your file past the due date your submission will be considered late.

How do I see my grades

Time  Topic
00:11  Seeing an overview of grades for your current units
00:32  Viewing individual assignment grades and feedback


How do I see which students are in a Forum Group

When marking forums, you may find that your students are in distinct conversations. We have set up some Learning Centres to be in a separate stream from anyone else, so as a marker you will need to be able to see who can interact with whom.

This is how.

In the Moodlerooms Grader you will see three drop down menus. The first is the assessment, the second is the group, and the third a list of students.

1. Select the Assessment:

2. Select the Group (note this will only be the groups that start with "1 - ". As these are at the top of the list, they are default groups for students to participate in. If you do not see any groups with a "1 - " they will all be grouped together in the SAME conversation):

3. Select the student to see their conversation and award a grade:

Using this method ensures that you as a marker are aware of the number of students in the conversation, if a student is the only one contributing to their group, or if they are the only student in their group.

How do I submit an assignment

Time Topic
00:11 Where to find your assignment in Moodle
00:38 Where to upload your file
00:52 Uploading a file without using drag and drop
01:23 Confirming that your file has been successfully uploaded

See: How do I replace an assignment file?

Please contact us at if you have difficulties submitting your assignment file.



How do I sync my Moodle calendar to another calendar

It's possible to sync your Moodle calendar with an iCalendar, or a Google calendar (or any other kind of calendar that allows subscriptions). Read on to find out how:

Go to "My Courses". 

Click on "View my Calendar".  

Now, scroll down to "Export Calendar". 

You will be presented with a number of options. You can select the following to sync your entire Moodle Calendar. This will include all assessment dates barring forums. You will need to enter forum dates manually.

As you can see, the custom range syncs until the next year, however, once the sync is set the dates and events will continue to update indefinitely. Click "Get calendar URL" and copy the URL.


Go to Calendar: File. Select "New Calendar Subscription".

Paste the URL into the field provided. 


Go to Google Calendar. Under Other Calendar's dropdown menu select "Add by URL".

Paste the URL into the field provided.

How do I view the first attempt after a student has failed an assignment

If an assignment receives a fail grade, Moodle automatically re-opens that assessment in preparation for a resubmission. The student will see a pop-up giving them instructions regarding our policy for resubmission and their eligibility.

The grading table automatically "clears" the first attempt, in preparation for the second, so it seems that information that the marker inserted has vanished. This is not so.

To view the first attempt from the grading table, click on Grade.

From here, you can scroll down to the bottom and click on "view a different attempt".

If you wish to view a different attempt in the Moodlerooms Grader, simply use the dropdown on the far left:

How to merge your old Bookshelf with your new one

To merge your old Bookshelf from the ProQuest eBook Central database to your new account, submit a case with the following information:

In the description, you must provide your old username (probably your email address) and your current username. To find your current username, navigate to ProQuest eBook Central via MyAthens (the library portal) > Settings (top right) > Profile.  


Hi. Our library has just changed authentication methods, and I would like my old bookshelf merged with my new.

My old username is:

My current username is: athens_049a200000be674



Copy this URL into the last field:

How to Take Notes as You Study

Writing any kind of assessment not only requires copious reading and also effective note taking. This Fact Sheet will help you establish your own system.

How to use our online library

Time  Topic
00:10  Where to find the library
00:49  Library databases
01:10  Searching with filters
02:29  What to do once you find an article
02:44  Saving articles for later
02:56  Sign in with a free EBSCO account
03:23  Borrowing ebooks
   (see also "How to borrow ebooks from the library" and "eBooks App Instructions" for written instructions)

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